Unique Approach

The most successful approach to reach recovery for the alcoholic is through an individualized treatment plan, one-on-one therapy, group therapy and a strong family component. We are very effective in treating complex problems because each alcoholic has 20 hours per week of individual therapy. To learn more click Here


Alcoholism is a complex problem and our staff understands that because many are in successful recovery themselves. Our staff has different approaches to recovery and communicates the patient’s problems every day at a working lunch. The synergy of having 20 hours of therapy per week enables the alcoholic to obtain better recovery because he starts to understand his problems maybe for the first time. To learn more click Here


Williamsville has more acres per patient and a national historic home restored for modern living. The serenity and anonymity allows for one to find recovery. With formal gardens and a whimsical caboose the setting encourages one to seek happiness and freedom from alcohol. To learn more click Here